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New server

This blog has moved servers.  Aside from aesthetic and minor functionality differences, everything should be as it was before.  The transition caused some issues with the mathematical typesetting, a few bugs may remain.



This imaginatively titled blog was briefly quantecon.wordpress.com. You will not be subject to advertisements on this new site.

  1. Kevin Milligan on British Columbians voting down the HST. I await the median voter selecting Mr. Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho as our next Premier.
  2. Dan Hamermesh proposes making ugly people a protected group in civil rights legislation. See also his recent paper with Jason Abrevaya showing good looks cause happiness.
  3. Ridley Scott to direct new Blade Runner film.
  4. I think this is supposed to be a real paper, not Swiftian satire.
  1. My colleague David Giles points out that the usual test statistics in linear regression follow textbook distributions assuming normal errors when the errors are not normal but come from the class of elliptically symmetric distributions (which includes Student and logistic). I didn’t know that!
  2. Has everyone noticed that Stata 12 has been released?
  3. A failed attempt to mock regression analysis in the social sciences.
  4. Rejection letters from journal editors are somewhat more polite, but I’d prefer this.

Since what the world needs is one more blog, this is a blog about quantitative economics and other stuff that interests me.  Topics will include discussion of interesting new papers in economics or other disciplines, issues in statistical methodology, current events, or whatever else strikes my fancy.

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