All-Time Best-Selling Gaming Consoles

Are you in the market for a new video game console? If so, you have many options, and some of the most popular one’s today are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, how do these consoles stack up against the all-time best-selling units? Here are some of them:


  1. PlayStation 2

It might be surprising that the PlayStation 2 is the all-time best-selling video game console over PS1 or NES. It was released by Sony in 2000 and sold over 155 million units. Its total sales figures are close to Nintendo’s Nintendo DS that was launched later.

An irony is that PS2 was only the second console launched by Sony. It was first released in March 2000 in Japan, then in October 2000 in North America.

One of the console’s main features was backward compatibility. That was for the original PlayStation console and the DuaShock controller. Since launch over 3,800 game titles have been rolled out to the PS2 since launch, and over 1.5 billion units have been sold.


  1. Game Boy/Game Boy Color

The Game Boy is one of the most famous portable gaming consoles and in fact, launched the first Pokemon games in 1996. It was followed by Game Boy Color.

Game Boy is an 8-bit portable video game system that includes cartridges. It was first released in April 1989 in Japan, then in North America in 1989.

The team that developed Game Boy was also responsible for developing the Game & Watch series and many top-selling games for the NES system. In fact, it might be surprising that Game Boy was the second handheld system launched by Nintendo following the Game & Watch series.

In fact, Game Boy combined features of the NES and Game 7 Watch series. The console was sold as a stand-alone unit or as a bundle with the popular puzzle game “Tetris.”


  1. PlayStation

Today PS4 is the best-selling gaming console on the market, and it all started with the original PlayStation console. PS4 was launched in December 1994. The console’s main rivals were Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64.

Not only was the original PS one of the top-selling gaming consoles of all time, but it was the first computer entertainment platform that shipped at least 100 million units. It achieved that milestone almost a decade following its initial launch.


  1. Nintendo DS

It might be surprising, but this console has sold more units than the original NES that’s featured in the NES Class Edition console that’s been one of the hottest consoles since its launch a few months before the 2016 holiday shopping season.

Nintendo DS is a 32-bit dual-screen portable game console produced by Nintendo. And hit North American stores in November 2004. The console’s acronym stands for “Dual Screen” or “Developers’ System.” The two screens work together.

The console includes various features including wireless connectivity and built-in microphone. Both of the screens are contained a clamshell design that’s like Game Boy Advance SP. Multiple players can interact with each other with a short range using Wi-Fi.

Nintendo’s goal of the DS was to continue sales that started with the Game Boy series.