Consider Playing Video Games For Money

They say if you are good at something never do it for free. If you enjoy playing video games online and are considerably talented in the field, you should consider playing the video games for money! With the advanced technology we have today, this concept has been worked on for quite some time now and has been proven to be successful. If you are the type of person who is passionate about video games, especially online games, playing the games online for money could be a great opportunity. It is definitely worth looking into and researching further!

There are a variety of outlets for video gamers to play online for real money. One of the most common websites is GameWisp. This site is similar to most other businesses in the sense that it needs to make money to continue to be a business. The way they make money is very simple. GameWisp initially makes money with each subscription that is placed. Twitch, another gaming site which features streams of professional gamers, is nearly identical to GameWisp because of the partnership program it makes its money off of. MCN’s are able to operate in a business setting because they are achieving the same goal as GameWisp and Twitch. Patreon is also able to do this exact thing as they attract the same customers. So basically, when you as a video gamer make money, so do the various platforms I have just mentioned.

There are many reasons why this is possible- both ethically, physically, and philosophically. The approach which streamers take when they create their videos and streams on YouTube are similar to platforms including Twitch, Patreon, etc. Businesses have also not yet begun the pricing structure of charging streamers and other video site users to be charged directly for each stream. This is something that they do not want to happen. By making money through the content in which people have created, the content creators also make money which then sticks to the business goals extremely well.

In the long run, this then helps to complete tasks and do things which then come full circle to help the content creators make a living off of what they do. GameWisp itself makes money off of each subscription. There is a simple tier system and flat rate per each tier. You can create six different tiers which you then are allowed to set your own price for. Each tier can have a different price. GameWisp collects a dollar per tier in addition to any credit card fees.

If you were to give GameWisp three separate tiers in increments of $5, ($5 for tier 1, $10 for tier 2, and $15 for tier 3, you would gain different amount from each one. You would gain a tier one subscriber which pays at least $5 but your fans are able to chip in more if they so choose. The extra money from a fan will not change the split of the money at all from the tiers and contract.
The total taken from that tier would still amount to a single dollar plus credit card

If you were to gain a third tier subscriber, they would be paying you $15 and in some cases, more. That is when the rate is bumped up and more money is collected. For the $15 tier, GameWisp collects $3 plus credit card fees. These fees will not stack. This can be confusing since the level of the subscriber is three and they received all of the benefits of the previous tiers. Video gaming for money is simple and profitable!